Thursday, 18 April 2013

What's the best thing since sliced bread? Well, sliced bread.

Loaf of Tiger BreadWARNING: This post may induce hunger!

It's National Bread Week, and to us in the studio, there is not much that beats a good sandwich. With that in mind we decided to have a look at some of the recent marketing campaigns in the bread industry.

But first, a few crumbs of information

- According to the Bakers Federation, 11 million loaves of bread are sold every day in the UK! Tweet this!

- 80% of all bread sold in the UK comes from large brands, e.g. Kingsmill, Warburtons and Hovis. Only 3% comes from craft and high street bakeries. The other 17% is made in store in supermarkets.

- On the continent, the tables are turned, the majority of bread consumed is produced by craft bakeries.

It's pretty clear that bread is big business here in the UK, and it is no surprise that some of the biggest bread manufacturers have used some creative marketing techniques over the years to ensure they stay firmly in our hearts, homes and stomachs!

122 years of Hovis

In 2008 Hovis released a TV advert that rivaled John Lewis' calibre of 'mini movie' style advertisements. By showing the most significant events in the UK over the last 122 years, the advert was able to grab the attention of bread lovers of all ages and backgrounds all over Britain.

Kingsmill becomes Queensmill

Kingsmill transformed to Queensmill
Bread fit for a Queen
2012 saw Great Britain celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and no doubt there was many-a-sandwich to be had at the numerous street parties that took place up and down the country. Kingsmill decided to celebrate in it's own way by changing the name of the brand, to befit the current monarch more suitably, for a brief period of time.

Warburtons All Ends Loaf
The image that got crust lovers everywhere excited!
Warburtons' April Fool becomes a reality

Most recently, Warburtons released an image of an 'All-Ends' loaf as an April Fools prank. The campaign was supposed to end there, but over 1000 people took to social media to share their excitement for this 'product'. Due to the response, Warburtons have now produced a limited number of these crust-filled loaves and is sending them to their biggest crust enthusiasts.

Don't forget the local guys!

As exciting as a feature length advert, or a gimmick bread loaf is, it's important to remember your local bakers, who work hard every day to provide you with something special, such as that super crusty, yet soft in the middle baguette to slice up with your soup. Sometimes their greatest form of advertising is that fresh bread smell that catches you on your way past, and who can resist that? Via Vecchia in York, at the top of the Shambles, is a great example of this, and the bread is snapped up so quickly if you blink you'll miss it!

Still local to Yorkshire, but taking on the supermarkets with their bloomer, brown and seeded loaves are Jackson's Bakery, based in Hull. It's great to see Yorkshire on the national map for yet another great product!

So if you're a total bread-head, take advantage of National Bread Week and try something new! If you're just a fan of the humble slice, you could always consider doing something a bit creative, like this:

Star Wars Darth Vader toaster
The ultimate geek toast!

We'd love to hear about your favourite bakeries, and about your favourite bread, tweet us @ubd_studio, or leave a comment below.

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